Pole Catz Australia offers pole dance classes, burlesque, lap dancing courses and fitness classes (fly gym, tacfit etc.) in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Bryon Bay.

Allison Pezzutti

Location: Byron Bay Studio
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Likes: Kindness,Sparkly Costumes, Shoes, Cheese, Animals, Live Music, Contortion
Dislikes: People who are unkind and untrue

Favourite Song to Pole Dance to: Bleeding Me, Metaliica. Man in the box, Alice In Chains. Cowboys from Hell, Pantera and She Rides, Danzig….. These have been on my playlist since I started pole.

Favourite Pole Trick:
Hmm, This can change…… At the moment I love everything shoulder mount! I also love Batwing and Machine gun, and I am very fond of psycho splits. I also love grubbing about on the floor 🙂

Did Ballet, Tap and Jazz into late teens. Lots of Yoga over the years. Have been pole dancing for almost 3 years now.

Why do you love to Pole Dance/Teach:
Pole is a great form of self expression. It has given me more self confidence at my age than I ever had in my 20’s, 30’s. It always has a new challenge for you as well………… I love seeing people discover these things as they move through their pole journey. Oh, and the costumes…. of course!

Tips for your Students to bring out their Feline Prowess:
Wear a cat mask and swish that tail about!!! Bahahahhaa.

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