Pole Catz Australia offers pole dance classes, burlesque, lap dancing courses and fitness classes (fly gym, tacfit etc.) in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Bryon Bay.

Class Descriptions

Pole Catz currently has studio locations in:

»Gold Coast Studio (Head Office)
»Tweed Heads Studio
»Byron Bay Studio

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Polecatz (Pole + Dance)

6 Week Dance Fitness Courses

Pole Dance Fitness Courses
Levels Beginner to Advanced (6 levels of competency)

The classes are designed over a Six-week course format. Over the six weeks, PoleCatz will progress you through exercises on the pole that match your fitness levels and development. As you get stronger and more confident each week, we will give you a more challenging workload and this will be formulated into a routine over the six-week course.
Your gains over the six weeks can be proudly displayed to family and friends at the Post-Course Performance and Graduation Night. This night is held on the 7th week at the same time as your usual course.
Upon graduation, you will be given information on further POLE CATZ classes, including Intermediate/Advanced classes, practice sessions and conditioning classes.
So you needn’t stop there… we encourage all students to continue to develop their skills.

Beginner 1 & 2 – Pole Kittens Courses

Beginner 1 introduces the student to the art of pole dance where students will learn 10 pole tricks and seductive dance moves to comprise a slower-paced pole routine.
Beginner 2 extends the pole tricks from Beginner One and includes 10 new tricks slightly more difficult. A 3-minute routine is also formed, which is slightly faster paced and slightly more dance based.

Duration: 60 minutes

Intermediate 1 & 2 – Pole Cats Courses

Intermediate 1 begins developing the strength of the student with relevant pole climbs and movements up the pole. Students will learn 10 pole tricks, which are more challenging and will also form a 3-4 minute routine, increasing anaerobic fitness levels.
Intermediate 2 increasing challenges the individual with pole tricks to ‘wow’ any audience. Students will begin to go upside down on the pole and perform 10 new tricks. A routine will also be completed including many previous tricks learnt and new tricks.

Duration: 60 minutes

Advanced 1 & 2 – Pole Catz Courses

Advanced 1 extends on the pole tricks learnt in the previous 4 courses and also includes 10 new tricks. This course includes a 3-4 minute routine and is a great course to prepare individuals for the challenge of Advanced 2.
Advanced 2 includes the most challenging pole tricks and dance movements. This course requires incredible endurance and strength. An amazing routine is put together including moves from Beginner through to Advanced.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Pole Catz Dolls Burlesque Courses

Ever wanted to be a Pussy Cat Doll ?…..This class is for you! The burlesque pole class is a pure routine class and as there for those who are dancers at heart. Using props and costumes, one routine will be choreographed each course to present at both graduation nights and promotional opportunities.

Pole Catz Lapalicious Courses

The Beginner Lap/Chair Dance 6 week course introduces students to very sexy and seductive moves performed on a chair or the lap of an individual. It includes a 3 to 4 minute routine and is a great confidence and self esteem builder. It will drive your man wild!

Aerial Ring/Tissue Dance

Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Pole Catz now offers a great class that incorporates dance and flexibility training whist learning the essentials in either Aerial Ring or tissue. No experience necessary..a very popular class to be sure to book early!

Casual Classes

Pole Addicts – All Levels

This is a great class for new participants wanting to try pole classes before committing to a course or for those wanting to attend on a casual basis. The class is open to participants of all levels. The instructor will take the class through a warm up and conditioning session, then assess and assist each participant according to their capability.

Pole Fit

This class is more akin to your traditional group fitness class and can be staggered into levels of fitness. Pole Pump’s primary objective is to develop strength and conditioning aspects in participants and is suitable for males and females. The one-hour class is conducted using your body weight as resistance and the pole as your apparatus.

A circuit style format has been developed, alternating between cardio and strength intervals t both increase strength in legs, core and upper body whilst maintaining an elevated heart rate for effective fat burning to be achieved.
This class is the perfect conditioning complement to the six-week course. Pole Pump is a great workout for even the fittest of participants.

Pole Grooves

Want to learn how to link moves, develop your own style, flow and grace for your own pole routines? This is the class for you..Each class you will work with a different combination and song in a freestyle dance environment….great for Beginner to Advanced Pole Addicts alike! (**Not included in Memberships.however members have a 50% discount)


Ever wanted to be a Pussy Cat Doll ?…..This class is for you! The sexy Burlesque class is a pure routine class and as there for those who are dancers at heart. Using props and costumes, a different routine each week to keep it fun and learn different styles of the art of Burlesque!

Hand Balance & Aerial Conditioning

Build upper body strength and stamina and turn your training upside down by adding the ‘Lost Art’ of Hand Balancing to your training program!
This class will make you strong, flexible and most of all comfortable upside down..take your pole and aerial skills to the next level with this great complementary training program!

Open Training

Pole Catz offers Open Training studio time on Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon. This is basically time for you to go into the studio and practice what you have learnt. We will have an instructor onsite to warm you up and cool you down as well as assist you with technique and if you need a spot for something a little more difficult.

She Fit (Fitness)

Casual Classes

Bikini Bootcamp

Get into the best shape of your life with a motivational group of ladies that are there to work hard and get results.
Run from the Gold Coast studio seasonally, the Pole Catz girls change between indoor and outdoor sessions that burn fat and sculpt long lean muscles.

TACFIT® (Tactical Fitness, Bootcamp)

So you’re after a workout that gives you all over muscular definition, a leaner body and the strength to perform those nemesis pole/ aerial moves you’ve been wanting to master? TACFIT is the class you need to be at.
Relatively new to Australia but attracting many people from 68 countries around the world and with less than 20 certified instructors here in Australia, Pole Catz Australia Dance Fitness Studios is ensuring their clients have the best fitness programs tailored to their needs. With almost 20 years research and development in creating this program originally designed for special forces in the USA you can be sure it is not your regular boot camp or cardio class.
TACFIT sessions are 20-30 minutes of high intensity intervals with adequate rest and recovery times. It not only works your body but your mind. Classes are suitable for all levels and all individual needs are catered to. Results are recorded and filed so you can compare your progress over time. Technique is the focus of all exercises performed. When technique is perfect only then will you be encouraged to progress to a harder level. TACFIT is a holistic workout that consists of strength, mobility drills and heart rate recovery.
After you have completed your high intensity intervals you will then finish the hour off with various yoga poses and back stretching so that you will not only recover quicker but move, feel and look better.

Stretch & Flexibility

Stretch and Flexibility is designed to help you get more flexible and stretch out the daily stress you have built up.
We will teach you the safe way to stretch to get the most out of the class. If you have something specific you are working towards we are happy to incorporate it into class to help you achieve your goal.

Fly Gym

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness is a holistic aerial fitness system that combines the science of physical conditioning with the philosophy of movement therapy; the Fly Gym mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & safe suspended environment. The Fly Gym system incorporates suspended athletic conditioning, aerial yoga & Pilates exercises, and pole & aerial arts inspired movements. Our programs are based on the latest research in exercise science and holistic methods of teaching physical activity. Fly Gym exercise programs are progressive, adaptable, and creative. We call it the “accidental workout” because Fly Gym helps individuals achieve “Better Health through Fitness Made Fun!

Barre / Ballet Fit

A 55 minute workout fusion of Dance, Pilates and Cardio. This is a full body workout that will use every muscle you have. If you are looking for the perfect bum- then this is your class. From shoulders to core to calf muscles you will feel amazing after just 3 classes, then you will be addicted.


Suitable for all levels from Beginners to Pole Superstars.This gentle Hatha Yoga practice will improve your strength and flexibility and give you an hour of much deserved ‘You’ time.

Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Personal Training

Personal Training is currently available at the Gold Coast and Byron Bay locations. Wether your goal is to get stronger for your pole work or shape the body of your dreams. See our fitness page for more info.

Pole Tuition

Whether your goal is to dance professionally or just get as good as you can Private Pole Tuition is a great way to progress your skills to an advanced level very quickly. Private Lessons can be shared with up to 2 people. See your nearest location page for prices and enquiry details.

Aerial Tissue / Ring and Aerial Dance

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? In conjunction with Trix Circus, Pole Catz is able to offer you the chance! Lessons are booked privately for a group of up to 4 people at a time and are available primarily on the Gold Coast at this time.. Contact the Gold Coast studio for more information.

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