Pole Catz Australia offers pole dance classes, burlesque, lap dancing courses and fitness classes (fly gym, tacfit etc.) in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Bryon Bay.

Nicole Eden

Location: Gold Coast Studio
Age: 30
Star Sign: Aries

Classes you teach/specialities: Pole all levels/Aerial silks and lyra/Burlesque

Likes: Dancing/Aerials/Pole Dancing/Beach/Laughing
Dislikes: People taking themselves too seriously.

Favorite song to pole dance to: Any song with strong accents. It makes a trick stand out when you can hit it on a clear beat.

Favorite pole trick: Shoulder Mounts

Dancing is my passion so i have been doing it my whole life, I have trained in numerous styles of dance from Jazz to Flamenco (not that I would say I could flamenco dance convincingly) but I love to give every style a go. I have been with Polecatz training in pole and aerials since the end of 2010 and have loved every minute of it!

Why do you love to pole dance/teach:
Dancing is like a drug to me, the I love the feeling you get just before you are about to perform, whether it’s on a stage or just in class in the studio, i love being able to have fun and let go. People love to surf because they love the freedom they have when on a wave; that’s how i feel about dancing. The sense of accomplishment when you finally learn a new trick is also a great, being able to share that feeling and seeing it in someone else’s face when you teach them something new is even better than being able to do it yourself. I love the sense of pride I get when I teach my girls a routine and see them having fun and enjoying themselves.

Tips for your students to bring out their feline prowess:
If you don’t feel silly then you’re not moving enough! We’re all here for the same reason so just have fun and let go (of your worries, not the pole….)

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