Pole Catz Australia offers pole dance classes, burlesque, lap dancing courses and fitness classes (fly gym, tacfit etc.) in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Bryon Bay.

Megan Hunter

Location: Tweed Heads Studio
Star Sign: Aquarious
Teaching/specialities: Twerk

Likes: Pole dancing, playing water polo, spending time with friends and family, girls night out and going to the beach
Dislikes: Any word or sentence with ‘moist’ in it

Favourite Song to Pole Dance to: When I’m at home I usually dance to anything in the 90’s hip hop genre, mostly Biggie Smalls.

Favourite Twerk Trick: Pop/Drops

I first walked into the Pole Catz studio in 2014 with absolutely zero dance experience. I started off with pole and soon fell in love with the studio, sport and most importantly, the girls. I was first introduced to twerk by the beautiful Kristina in a twerkshop and loved it!!! I started taking twerk classes when they started up at the studio and took over as instructor when Sarah had to leave in 2016.

Why do you love to Pole Dance/Teach:
I love seeing new girls walk through the door and seeing how quickly they learn how to pop, drop and even isolate their butt muscles! Anyone can twerk and it doesn’t take long and it’s soooooo much fun!

Tips for your Students to bring out their Feline Prowess:
Pole Catz is a place free of judgement so be confident in what you have and shake what yo mumma gave ya 😂

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